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What’s on the children’s autumn fashion agenda this year?

Children’s autumn fashion

So here we are, in the height of summer! Weather wise, it’s a case of so far so good, isn’t it? I hope you’re enjoying the season and taking advantage of the sunshine. A few months ago, we were pleased to bring you the summer trends in children’s fashion, and now, as you’d expect, it’s time to scout around and see what is in store for children’s autumn fashion.

It’s fascinating to see the various directions that labels are following, but actually very difficult to try and pull definite trends out of it all. What we can say is that you can expect to see contrasts everywhere, with beautifully toned soft cashmeres, cool new shredded denim looks for both sexes, sweet, colourful pinafore dresses for girls and interestingly, the persistence of lace in many designs.

Geek Chic Look

We loved seeing some of the ideas from the Italian label ‘Fun&Fun’ with a geek-chic look contrasting knitwears with masculine style brogues and lace-up combat boots. While we’re on the topic of footwear, it’s interesting to see this heavy boot style coming through in other brands like Spanish label Clic and UK brand Lu Mu where they’ve developed the look with brilliantly coloured shiny plimsoll style sneakers.

Although it’s been harder than ever to discern across-the-board trends, ‘comfy’ has been very much to the fore, with landscape prints street style glam matched with faux furs.

And ‘mini-me’ is now very much a thing. I appreciate this is something you’re either going to love or hate, but you can expect to see mini-me outfits for entire families, with this theme running to hers and hers bags and other accessories.

And how will this affect the Kylori children’s Autumn Fashion collection? You’ll soon see! We’re very excited by what we’re about to show you. But for now, enough of autumn – enjoy the summer!


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