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Kylori’s guide to kids’ summer fashion trends, 2017

Although we’re still in the heart of winter – and headed for more cold weather still – we, along with the rest of the fashion industry, have our eyes firmly fixed on where leading designers are taking us for the summer. And as far as children’s fashions are concerned, there really is a whole lot of gorgeousness coming our way, and we are very excited by it.

Kids’ summer trends match maximum comfort with jaw-dropping style; we’re genuinely blown away by an array of fabulously classy outfits. Children’s styles have been developed to match adult fashion trends, so expect to greet summer 2017 together in co-ordinated parent-child outfits.

Themes this year are all about nature, magic and fantasy and a finely-wrought fairy-tale chic featuring print fabrics with abstract designs in natural colours of the sky and seaside – sand, powder blue, cream, beige and tan, plus designs emblazoned with wild creatures, insects and tropical scenes.

Cotton-based velours are sill popular, as are denims, silks and linens. And there’s more than a nod to a distinct folkie style, with ribbons, bows, appliqués and different kinds of embroidery, encapsulated in native American patterns with all of their homage to intricate detail.

This is reflected in ornamented denim pinafore dresses and boys’ trouser/jacket combos with vintage prints and retro embellishments to create and enhance a breezy kind of sophistication.

Pants-transformers, with their distinct practical advantages, will be very much in vogue with fluffy dresses for girls and classical shirt-jacket combinations for boys.

Overall, it’s an inspiring and uplifting picture – just what we need now as we yearn for warmer weather. And of course, we’re very excited about our own KyloriKids summer range and we’re sure you will be too – watch out for them soon in our online store!


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