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Gender creative: Boys wearing ‘girls’ clothing

What would you do if your little boy asked you to buy him a dress?

Just before Christmas I read a really moving story of a mother and her five year-old son who had asked if she could buy him a special dress for Christmas. The blogger Lori Duron had been aware, for some time that her son was a bit different from the norm and she also knew how much he was looking forward to getting this special festive dress.

The story ended happily with the little boy wearing the outfit, which his mother said made him look “sassy and beautiful”. She also observed how difficult it was for her that the world in general was not more empathetic, accepting and welcoming of people like her son. And maybe she’s right.

Writing about how “natural, happy and truly comfortable” her son was in his party dress she says:

“It will be the first holiday that my son will join us at the table dressed as a girl. We won’t care. We will tell him he is beautiful inside and out. And we’ll mean it.”

A generation or so ago, it would have been practically unheard of for children to refuse to conform to traditional gender roles in this way. None of us had really head of terms like ‘gender diverse’ ‘gender variant’, ‘gender creative’ etc. We’ve certainly made great strides in this regard, but are people like Lori Duron actually expecting too much of society?

Should she not extend an equal amount of tolerance toward those who still have some difficulty coming to terms with the sight of a boy in a dress? Social attitudes can’t and don’t change overnight. Maybe we all need more time. What do you think? I would welcome your views.

Here is the article in full:

My Son’s Christmas Dress



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