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How to create the perfect children’s Christmas party outfit

Christmas Party Outfits! Christmas is a magical time for kids, and dressing up is such a big part of the whole experience, isn’t it? Creating a Christmas party outfit that your child will love can be a bit of a challenge, but with a bit of planning and sound thinking, your child will have a costume that is sure to max out the fun factor and help them make a party splash!

It’s really important to bear in mind that dressing your kids to look fabulously festive should not break the bank. Spend a little time, use a little imagination and it’s amazing what you’ll be able to achieve. And as you embark on the fun of preparing the outfit, remember the golden rule – which applies at all times, not just at Christmas – let children be children. Yes, it’s great to have them looking trendy, but by the same token, you don’t want them to look like cut-down adults either.

The other important consideration in all of this is to respect and celebrate their individuality. One of the many joys of parenting is seeing how, from a very early age, children develop their personalities. So while dressing like a sparkly Barbie doll has definite appeal for some little girls, yours may well have other favourite images to emulate. Likewise, your son may look quizzically at that spiderman outfit that other little boys are obsessing about. So don’t feed them all the ideas. Do a bit of listening too. The rule should be, wherever possible, let the child take a bit of a lead in planning the outfit, within reason obviously!

The other important factor is comfort, so dress them for playing – because that’s what they’ll be wanting to do at the party. That over-zealous parent who dolls their little one up like a walking Christmas tree is not doing their child any favours. I’ve seen this kind of thing before and my heart always goes out to the poor little mite shuffling carefully along so as not to spoil the costume that Mummy worked so hard to create, while the others are tearing happily around.

And while we’re on the subject of comfort, make sure your child is dressed for the weather, not just the occasion. There’s no point in putting your child into a great looking outfit if things move outdoors for a while and they end up miserable and shivering.

As I said at the beginning, creating your child’s Christmas outfit should not break the bank. So look at re-using and recycling – and then enhancing and accessorising. Your children are not yet at the age where they baulk at hand-me-downs. As we all know children grow fast, so it’s sensible to make good use of those hardly-worn and perfectly good outfits from last season. The key to a great party outfit is always in the way we use the resources that we have to create something new and fabulous!

Follow these few tips and you can be confident that your child will have a fabulous, fun-filled time over the festive season. For all the latest trends and ideas about children’s fashion and to view our latest Kylori collections, visit:

Warm wishes to you and your family for a joyous Christmas,

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