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Clothing care: 5 tips to keep your child’s clothing looking great

While we’re very proud of the quality and style of all of the products in our children’s ranges, we’re also keenly aware of the need to derive maximum value from your purchases by looking after them well, especially as we move into the cooler months where clothes can take a bit of an extra bashing. Here, then, are our 5 tips for children’s clothing care. We hope you find these useful. 

Treat clothes with care

As with all your wash, keep the coloured and white items separate and take a bit of extra time to remove mud or other staining by rinsing and brushing. Some children have extra sensitive skin, so choose a delicate cycle.

Think twice about fabrics you choose

Think twice before choosing fabrics that require extra special care instructions. The beauty of Kylori products is that they are easy to wash and dry.

Act fast

When your little one comes into the house with muddy or stained clothes, don’t just throw these into the dirty laundry pile – try and ameliorate the problem by removing surface dirt or stains before washing and rinse in cold water.

Choose laundry products with care

Choose your laundry products carefully. We advise parents to look for more natural products rather than traditional bleach. Any bleach you do use must be rinsed out before you start washing.

Beware the tumble dryer

With extra soiled clothing, limit your use of the tumble dryer in case the heat of the dryer sets the staining. In these instances, we advise hanging out to dry wherever possible.

We hope you found these tips useful. We appreciate that getting clothes mucky is part and parcel of childhood – which is why we choose our Kylori range with such care. For more information about Kylori children’s clothing, check out our full range here.


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