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An exciting world of children’s fashion

We’ve always been blown away by the gorgeous creations from the great fashion houses of Europe. That’s why we just had to create the Kylori brand.

What an impact it makes when you’re wearing something totally inspirational – it lifts you up, and changes how others relate to you and how they think of you. So if it’s that great for grown-ups, why should kids miss out? We’re on a mission – to transform the world of UK children’s fashion with a stunning collection of garments inspired by the great designers.

The Kylori children’s fashion range – inspired and inspiring!

Kylori Kids wants to bring the world of chic European fashion and style to kids, with an exciting range of chic garments at prices parents can afford. Parents, we want to inspire you – and we want you to tell us about the clothes your kids love wearing. So check out the Kylori range of children’s fashion – designed specially for children aged 3 to 16 years.

There’s always plenty going on at Kylori, with fab new creations in our online store, and we want you to check them all out. We have some stunningly gorgeous new designs for spring and summer, so follow us on social media (links below) and subscribe to the Kylori Kids newsletter to hear about all of our great value offers as soon as they appear!